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How to Escape a Dead End Job the Smart Way

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We have our own reasons to join the workforce but most of us make mistakes in the process and end up in careers that lead us into regrets. As a result, we become extremely bored and wish we were out of that office and doing something else.

Although you might be feeling like storming out of your work right now, it can be really difficult reaching the final decision to do so. So, what can you do? Here is how to escape a dead end job.

Find Reasons and Motivation to Leave

Perhaps you are not 100% convinced yet and that is why you keep wishing instead of taking action. There are many reasons you might be resenting your dead-end job. Some of these could be lack of motivation, lack of growth, suppression of talent and good ideas, little pay, exhausting work routine, unfair treatment, misplaced values, among others. Once you have convincing reasons to leave, you can now start creating an escape route.

Stay but Have a Plan

While you are still staying in the dead-end job, you should start having a plan and reflect on the possible solutions to your issues. Do you want to move to another job or go back to school? What about business? Where can you get the capital if you are considering it?

As you think about the plan, develop achievable goals in the process. If it is business that is your escape route, you can take time to understand the kind of company you can open, what the local authorities have to say about it and more. Have execution deadlines as well.

Find Help From Outside

If you feel oppressed in any way in the current position, it can be difficult to get substantial help from your boss or fellow employees. Outsiders can come in handy in such a situation. It is time you contact your connections – especially those in places and positions you desire to be.

You shouldn’t necessarily ask for employment opportunities. Instead, ask for words of wisdom they might be having for your situation. Some people have been where you are and can be openly willing to help. Those who are in a position to help will contact you and you never know, someone might offer what you want.

Escaping a dead end job

Keep Working Hard

Before you step outside the gate, give all that you can. It is not time to show up late, put less effort, and even break relationships. In fact, come earlier, work harder, and create more friendships.

Through hard work, you will continue developing your skills, gain experience, and have stronger values. Also, you can impress your boss in the process and get promotion in the same company or get the skills you need to begin another career elsewhere.

Make the Move When Time it Right

If you were aggressive enough in finding a solution to your problem, then time will come when the other position calls and you will be left with no option but leave.

A dead-end job is not the end of a career. Instead, it marks an opportunity to start afresh and work hard for better results. Have a plan, make use of your connections, continue working hard and eventually leave when the time is right.




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