Finding the Right Job

An overwhelming number of employed adults who are essentially stuck in jobs they hate feel as if they have no way out because of the financial obligations they have, such as having to pay for their kids’ schooling and taking care of other financial needs of their dependents. It makes for some sad reading because being in the wrong job can be so soul-crushing, but what’s even sadder is the fact that it’s very common. Too many people are in the wrong career, having gone down that specific career path as a result of the limited opportunities they might have had in otherwise choosing to elect a career that better suits their passion.

“You can be anything you want to be” is quite funnily a lie we’ve somehow been programmed to perpetuate, perhaps unknowingly too, passing this notion on to our children without giving it a second thought. There is hope yet for those who are willing to take the time to at least try and make a career move that will have you earning your bacon completing work which falls more in line with your passion and if by any chance you’ve come across this information outlined here before you’ve even entered into the workforce having followed the wrong career path, all the better.

So here’s how to go about finding the right job…


Before you can set out on your path to find the right job, first you need to determine exactly what the right job is. I’m pretty sure this can be a very subjective topic to try and expand on because to a certain extent the best job means different things to different people, but I’m equally sure we can all reach a common consensus on a general template which outlines what would constitute the right job.

The colossal windfall test

Let’s say tomorrow, around the time your alarm clock usually wakes you up you were rather woken up by a bank notification of a payment equalling your monthly salary and a follow-up message which stated that from this day forward, because of a windfall you received from your unknown great-aunt who passed away peacefully in her sleep, you will be receiving this payment monthly without having to go into work!

This would be a no-strings-attached arrangement, with the only catch being that instead of going in to work to earn your money in the same way that you were earning it while you were working for it, you have to choose something to dedicate your life to. You have to essentially design your job and you can really choose anything, but within reason of course.

Naturally you would choose something that’s relatively easy to do, but the ease with which you can complete that job would be based on the fact that you’re good at it, perhaps even talented. That’s where passion usually originates – it originates out of doing something you’re good at.

For what it’s worth – something like travelling is just as valid an activity you can choose to dedicate your time to.

Either way, this is how you arrive at the “right job.”

Finding a job in line with your passion

Whether you’re making a transition into this job which you’d be more passionate about doing or indeed if you’re newly graduated and are entering the job market for the first time, you should be relentless in your pursuit of finding the right job. Chances are there isn’t one that is custom made for you in existence, so the next best thing would be to create that job which you’d easily proclaim to be the best job for you.

By no means will it be easy, but it starts with looking to earn your money in the industry which you believe your ideal job will be in. You could just learn that the right job for you is one which you never really thought of, discovered while you were in pursuit of your initially identified ideal job.

These days people are designing their own jobs by establishing themselves as experts in a specific field and then proceeding to earn money exploring that field by selling products and services related to that field.

If your ideal job does exist as one of the jobs which take a traditional form then all you really need to do is be relentless in your pursuit of one of those positions.