What to wear to work

Handy Advice on Formal Interview Attire

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You might be the right candidate for a job vacancy until you appear in inappropriate attire. Attending a formal interview in the correct dress code is equally as important as nailing your cover letter and resume. While in some professions you would still win the job without paying any attention to what you wear (as long as you don’t wear jeans and tee shirt), others require a tuxedo suit, complete with its accessories.

Even though there are no definitive solutions to this problem, you could use some advice to help you dress and impress the hiring manager.

Comfort is Key

When you appear in the interview dressed in uncomfortable clothes, it will definitely show. To the interviewer, you will appear nervous presumably because of your inexperience. If you are going for an interview the next day, it is not time to go shopping for new shoes or brand new clothes.

Wear your comfortable clothes plus your favourite pair of shoe. And if you have to wear new clothes to the interview, try them out and eliminate the tags.

Be the Best Dressed

During your interview preparations, do some homework and find out the typical dress code for that position. If it is acceptable for interviewees to wear khaki and polo shirts, go a mile further and wear a suit alongside a tie for the purpose of standing out from the crowd.

Carry out research in the industry and position, seek inspiration from positions ahead and dress but do not overdo it. If you need to purchase new clothing for your interview, you could consider heading to Kohl’s department store to see what clothes they have. When visiting Kohl’s, some people might want to look for some promo codes at https://www.raise.com/coupons/kohls. That could help people to save some money on their next Kohl’s shop. Make sure to find formal, but comfortable attire.

Get Shave Advice recommend that you go to your interview feeling refreshed and confident, and that a great way to do so is to have a luxurious shave the morning of the big day. Not only will it make you look better and more professional to your interviewer, it’ll also help you to relax in the morning and gather your thoughts. Remember that it’s easy to spot when someone is nervous and it’s easy to interpret confidence, think about the type of person you want to present yourself as to your prospective employer.

What to wear to work
Which outfit do you think looks best for work?

Dress for the Occasion

Dressing in suit and tie is not always a viable option for all positions. Others will require you to be in informal dress codes and so, wearing otherwise might look odd and even be embarrassing. You can get clues and help from recruiters in the industry you are eying.

Another probable embarrassment can result from not being keen on the weather. You don’t want to be sweating or shivering during the interview process because it might be construed for fear and lack of confidence.

Wear Current Clothes

One way to sabotage your chances of getting a job is by wearing old age clothes to the interview. Stay away from an outdated outfit that will make you look weird and out of place. Do not misinterpret this statement to mean you need to wear trendy cloth lines. But putting on new styles will communicate that you are conscious of what is happening around you.

Again, ensure you do not go overboard and go for casual wear. Whether this is your fifth job or you are a fresh graduate be current in your fashion choice and show that you have some sort of experience.

Be Careful With Colors and Patterns

One thing you should keep in mind while choosing what to wear is colour. Put on neutral colours and avoid patterns by all means. YouTube videos are a great place to get some colour suggestions and patterns if you have to wear them.

Doing background research is a great place to start your dressing for the interview. It will inform the best colour, and trends provide suggestions for you. Most importantly, dress comfortably.



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