About Us

Call us the job listings police if you want, because that’s perhaps one way of looking at what we’re all about here on JobsGeek.co.uk!

It’s about time too as the world needs somewhere to go to in order to gain some insight on how to navigate what can be the very precarious world of the very thing that defines us as the dominant species – work…

And with that we’d like to welcome you to the blog.

How Jobs Geek was born

So I’m Stanley, referred to as Stan the Man for the few years I’ve worked in HR at a big company, but I didn’t particularly like that reference which implied that I represent those “suits” who run big corporations – you know, THE MAN who you go and work for when you go into the office every morning to trade your time for a pay-cheque? That’s one of the reasons why I since quit that job and started a new one, in the process starting this blog as well.

So that’s how Jobs Geek was born – it was born out of my own transition between two mini-worlds which together make up a much, much bigger world of earning a living and I naturally learned so much in the process. In addition to everything I learned as part of the transition between the two jobs I held once upon a time, being head of HR in a major firm taught me pretty much all there is to know about the hiring process, so too how personnel is managed, trained, promoted and even fired.

I figured I walked away from that particular job with the kind of “insider knowledge” that will prove to be super-valuable to anyone who is perhaps on the other side of the fence and seeking to arm themselves with the best information possible to make their task of looking for a job that much easier.

Your one-stop source of career guidance info

So this platform is presented as just another blog at surface-level, but our aim is to grow it into a one-stop source for all the tools and information you’d need around your pursuit to take care of one of the most important aspects of our lives, establishing your career. So new job seekers can expect to come here and walk away with some real value that will help them navigate the challenging journey of seeking a job which lies in wait for them, but that’s not even the half of it.

For far too long anything to do with career guidance has focussed on those who are right at the beginning of their journey of establishing a career, discussing issues and providing tools which are relevant to school leavers and graduates. What about people who find themselves in the position that I was in not too long ago, seeking to change careers, perhaps entering into a career which is in a totally different market or field to that in which they’ve been made to earn their money for as long they’ve been working? These people will be catered to here as well.

Insider knowledge

Assisted by other experts, readers and all manner of different contributors, I’ll be unpacking the torrents of insider knowledge I have with regards to careers in general, getting into specifics which at times encompass topics that are connected to or affected by the jobs and careers topic. For example, what if you’re looking to escape the traditional way of working in the form of the eight-to-four (or nine-to-five) job, seeking rather to create your own job by going into business? That’s some information you’ll find here along with all the resources to make the process that much more streamlined.

And before you proceed to dive right into the meat of the content and start flicking through the blog posts proper, I’d like to leave you with a parting note of encouragement. There is a good reason why you are encouraged to keep at it as far as sending out your CV and applying goes, which is that of how there is a lot of window-dressing in what has really become a business unto itself – the business of job-searching. So yes, there will definitely be some jobs that don’t really exist to which you’d effectively be applying, but don’t lose hope in your knowledge of that because there is no real way of finding out other than through applying and applying until something positive comes back to you.

Happy job hunting and good luck!