Foolproof Ways to get Free Career Advice

Career help

Career advice that is helpful comes at prohibitive costs, particularly if you choose to consult a career expert. Ironically, there are many people willing to provide it for free. But the challenge is often finding meaningful advice, information, and guidance that can help you move closer to achieving your goals. Here are ways you can get free career advice that is actually helpful, and free of charge.

A Previous Employer

Most people will automatically try to get career advice from their current employer, but this is not a good idea if you don’t have potential solutions yet.

Instead, go to your previous boss because they understand your temperament at work and does not have any vested interests in the job you are doing now. If you had a great relationship with this person, they will be wishing you well and be willing to provide honest advice to make you better.

After finding probable solutions to your career needs, you can now approach the current boss to find a final answer.

A Mentor Will Help

When you are confused about your career, you require someone that has the experience, is older than you, comes with wisdom, and wants to see you succeed. That is a mentor. Through them, you can get unbiased and yet strategic advice that can propel you to greater heights in your career.

The best thing is that they won’t require any payment but the sense of satisfaction when you become a success. As you relate more closely, your mentor can end up being a great friend, making it more beneficial.

Parents Have Timeless Advice

Your parents might seem the last people to get career advice from, but they could be one of your best resource on general life advice. The secret here is taking them with a grain of salt by chewing the meat and spitting the bones.

Unfortunately, they might not fully understand your career needs and the options in front of you but still, pick what matters and leave what does not work. Remember to be polite as you listen.

Find Help From a Career Guru You Admire

It is typical for most people to find career advice from their close friends. Central to this ease is the fact that they believe that friends will provide honest feedback. In addition, it is convenient to talk to a friend on matters career than someone you infrequently meet.

However, honest feedback and convenience are not enough when it comes to career advice. You require someone that defines success as you do and has the experience in the field you want to venture. This person will have deeper observations and provide comprehensive solutions to your challenges.

The best career advice

Anyone That is Unafraid to Offend

If you know a family member, friend, or an acquaintance that is unafraid to offend and they seem to be knowledgeable on matters career, approach them and get pieces of advice on the best way forward in your situation.

Make a Call, Eventually

By the end of the day, you will have to make use of the advice you acquire from these people. Critique, evaluate, and make use of useful ideas to make your career decisions.

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