Training Requirements for Heat Pumps

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As the world changes and transitions towards more carbon-neutral technologies, the adoption and installation of heat pump systems in the UK are projected to climb consistently for the next few decades. These heat pumps, whether they are an air-source heat pump design orground-source heat pump, need to be installed by certified and professional installers.

Installing this heat pump technology cannot simply be explained through training courses alone. Those who wish to take on learning this new and exciting skillset must have a certain level of training and years of experience installing and working with pump systems, including heating and ventilation, plumbing and gas installation.

What are the Training Requirements Necessary to Become a Heat Pump Installer?

Understanding the intricacies of heat pumps and how to install them is not a skill that you can develop overnight. The framework of this knowledge is built upon years of installation, system design, expertise in handling tools and many other core skills built through working with similar equipment.

According to Phil from Gastec Training “An understanding of water regulations and bylaws is also necessary as you will be handling water, drainage, and other aspects of a heat pump system.” If you are looking to become certified to install heat pumps, what type of certifications and experience will you need?

Those seeking to take heat pump training should have…

  • N/SVQ Level 2/3 in Plumbing or equivalent earlier certification; or
  • N/SVQ Level 2/3 in Heating and Ventilating (Industrial and Commercial Installation) or equivalent earlier certification; or
  • N/SVQ Level 2/3 in Heating and Ventilating (Domestic Installation) or equivalent earlier certification; or
  • N/SVQ Level 2/3 in Gas Installation and Maintenance or equivalent earlier certification; or
  • N/SVQ Level 2/3 in Oil-Fired Technical Services or equivalent earlier certification; or
  • Heating installers with minimum 3 years of experience installing wet central heating systems, evidenced either by manufacturer courses certification or Gas Safe Register, OFTEC, MCS or HETAS registration

And if not included in the above qualification…

  • Water Regulations/Water Bylaws

What Will You Learn in Heat Pump Training?

Not all programs are created equal, and courses may vary but the important aspects of heat pumps, how they work, their installation and other pertinent information will be taught throughout your training. This will give you the skills and confidence to work on and install heat pumps throughout the UK accurately and effectively. What can you expect to learn?

  • Components and Parts of Heat Pumps
  • How Heat Pumps Work
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
  • Installation of Heat Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Insulation and Heat Depletion
  • Domestic Water and Tank Issues
  • Etc.

Heat Pump Training Grants

In conjunction with the reduced-emissions targets of the UK government, they have implemented a heat pump training grant, allowing those who are seeking training to subsidize their courses. For anyone seeking to apply for this grant, you must meet the eligible criteria, and if you do, you can receive up to £500 to apply to the cost of your training.

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