Careers in Finance


There’s no question that today’s financial crisis has drastically changed the face of careers in finance, however, finance remains amongst the most appealing and competitive of all career fields. Jobs in the finance industry continues to draw some of the biggest and most motivated talent from around the globe. In fact, finance jobs are ideal for people who enjoy solving complex problems and come up with original and innovative solutions to complicated problems. Finance jobs involve dealing with cash and credit, as well as analyzing various financial statements and forecasting future trends in order to provide sound financial advice to their clients. While the number of finance job positions is relatively low when compared to other career fields, there are still a substantial number of openings. In fact, the economic recession has caused an increase in the demand for finance positions in finance because so many people are now employed in finance and need to know how to survive during hard times.

The national average salary for finance jobs is approximately forty thousand dollars, which is considerably higher than the national average salary of thirty thousand dollars. If you want to earn more, however, you’ll have to search for jobs in finance. Your choice of career depends on the type of finance position that you’re interested in. For example, if you’re planning to be a financial advisor or a manager, then a four-year college degree may be sufficient.

The average salary for accountants is also considerably higher than the national average salary. Accountants usually start off as receptionists or administrative assistants and progress through the ranks at various financial consultancies or companies. A bachelor’s degree or MBA is generally required to perform the duties of an accountant, except for those specialized in forensic accounting, which requires a master’s degree. Most accountants start out in the lower ranks of an accounting department and work their way up through the ranks, depending on promotions and skills.

Accountants are not the only professionals who earn a good salary in the finance industry. Investment bankers make about forty thousand dollars a year, or about two hundred and eighty thousand dollars annually, depending on their location and industry. Investment bankers can be found everywhere, from small banks to large international banks. Broker dealers and financial industry investment managers also earn good salaries. There are, however, many other highly lucrative careers in the finance industry, including derivatives trading, portfolio management, and corporate financing.

Another popular and high paying career in the finance industry is securities analysis. Securities attorneys and securities analysts earn around forty thousand dollars a year, or about two hundred and twenty thousand dollars annually, depending on location and industry. Securities attorneys work with lawyers to settle lawsuits and settle disputes, helping the company in which they work to protect itself from losses. While these professionals typically start off as entry-level employees, they can climb up the career ladder through the ranks by specializing in a specific area of law. Securities analysts can also go through intermediary positions until they have enough experience and the right connections to land high-paying positions.

When looking for the top careers in finance, it is important to consider all of your options before making a decision. Finance professions require a great deal of knowledge, information, and skill, and many of these careers will allow you to make an enormous impact on people’s lives. Because of this, you will be responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of people every year. If a finance position makes you feel like you are making a positive difference in people’s lives every day, then you may be ready for a career in finance.

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